Monday, December 8, 2008

Paper Trees

Here is my attempt at Paper Trees. I cannot remember where I first saw these. I thought they were fun to do. The topiary was a little bit of a pain in the toosh but the Christmas Trees were pretty easy.

To make the topiary I used the 5 petal flower punch to punch out two different designs of patterned paper and a smaller punch (non-stampin up) for the center flower. I used Holiday Treasures paper. The hardest part was keeping the petals from overlapping each other. I stained a wooden dowel with Chocolate chip, painted the pot and then used chocolate chip on a sponge to wipe on the green pot for an aging effect.

For the trees I used retired Wintergreen paper. I cut the paper into strips and then cut them in half. This made a 1" x 6" strip. I started at the bottom and just pinned each strip in a circle around the bottom and topped it off with ribbon. Here is another version I did with Holiday Treasures paper.

Hope you have an awesome day!!!


  1. Holy Moly, Leah!!!! These trees and topiaries are FABULOUS! WOW! They must have taken for-ever but worth it because they are GORGEOUS! I especially love that topiary! You're amazing!

  2. Love all your work, I follow Nancy's Blog, and when she asked to come over and welcome you, couldn't resist as I love your first name ;-) Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi Leah, I found your blog through Nancy! So glad I did! These projects are amazing!

  4. Gorgeous trees Leah! I too found your blog through Nancy, and welcome to blogland! Your projects are beautiful!

  5. Hi Leah! These trees are fabulous!!!! Nancy also lead me to your blog - it looks so fantastic. After the craziness of the next couple of days' I would love to talk a bit about how you designed yours. I am stuck on a few things on blogger, and yours looks amazing! Thanks for sharing adn I will be checking back often!! Merry Christmas!


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